The Rosemont Inn History

The Rosemont Inn, on Lake Avenue in Montrose, Pennsylvania sits near the very center of town, across from “the green” and next to the historic old jail.

It was bought by the Wert family in September 2001, the first owners not related to the original family who built it. The buildings have been renovated and are once again open to provide hospitality to those needing a “home away from home”.

In 1816, Benjamin Sayre and his wife, Priscilla, moved to Montrose from Cairo, New York to join friends and family. Benjamin Sayre and Sylvanus S. Mulford opened Montrose’s first general store “Sayre & Mulford”. The Sayres had five girls and three boys. Samuel, one of the boys, married Frances Read of Montrose, and in 1859 built the home on Lake Avenue. Later, the smaller house (“Nana’s” – originally a carriage house as we understand it) was moved next to the main house from elsewhere on the property. In the late 1800s, the family opened the house as the “Rosemont Inn” to guests seeking rest away from the city.

According to some records, the Sayre house was a part of the Underground Railroad. Members and friends of the Sayre family, the community and the Susquehanna Historical Society (just across the green) have been very helpful in providing information to document the history of the house. Wonderful pictures and stories have been shared with us and will be available for our guests to see.

We invite you to come and enjoy this wonderful historic town, its people, buildings and beautiful surroundings with us during all the seasons.

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The Rosemont Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Rosemont Inn Bed and Breakfast
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