“Elopements” return to the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania!

Years ago, the Endless Mountains region, specifically Montrose Pennsylvania, was the place to go to “elope!” Besides being “just across the border,” the many beautiful homes, picturesque landscapes, and lakes made it the perfect setting for boutique weddings.

In 1920, when the Spanish Flu was coming to an end, and the Great Depression just beginning, my own grandparents found their way here to tie the knot.

Most likely a slow ride here from anywhere in a Model T or other, most couples brought along some friends or siblings, headed straight for the courthouse for a marriage license, and then onto a local parsonage. In my grandparent’s case, the Rev. Wallace Martin performed the ceremony at the St. James Episcopal Church, a short walk from the Inn.

One hundred years, sixteen children, and sixty-nine grandchildren later, the current pandemic and the need for social distancing and small gatherings have created the perfect opportunity for the return of unique, boutique-type weddings. What makes it even more unique is the ability to live stream the event so that hundreds of guests can still “attend” virtually.

“Elopements” are trending once again, and we’ve seen an increase in couples canceling their larger weddings, opting for smaller, more creative gatherings. Renting all of the rooms at an Inn for your guests, spending a couple of days exploring local parks and lakes, visiting breweries and wineries, or sharing meals on the porch costs thousands of dollars less than the traditional wedding and can be much more memorable!


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